Netmiko Python package on Alpine


For a current project I was looking to use netmiko to administrate a Cisco router - and given my natural affinity for Docker I'm planning to use a container to run the script, so I do not have to depend on an external server being set up with the correct dependencies. Of course that means getting the dependencies onto the container first!


I'm using the standard python docker containers. I like alpine - I could have used debian but it's just so fat, over 700mb!

Alpine it is - but we need to install netmiko.

The required libraries are the following:

build-base libffi-dev openssl-dev

You can then use pip to install netmiko.

An example dockerfile (you may see this in a future post!):

FROM python:alpine
MAINTAINER David Chidell

RUN apk --no-cache add build-base libffi-dev openssl-dev openssl
RUN pip install --no-cache-dir netmiko


ENTRYPOINT ["python", "./"]
CMD ["--help"]

VOLUME ["/certs"]